Resources to make things cooler

Here’s a growing list of links to resources and articles that aspire to make things less crappy, and more awesome…


Non-indigenous people working with indigenous peoples

IMG_1422Working as allies: supporters of indigenous justice reflect

Alliances: Re/Envisioning Indigenous-non-Indigenous Relationships

State of the Pākehā Nation: Collected Watangi Day Speeches & Essays (2006-2015).

What can Pākehā learn from kaupapa Māori educational research (Working paper 1).

Pākehā and kaupapa Māori research (13 minute video of me talking…)

My Masters thesis that explores Pākehā family involvement in kōhanga reo and bilingual education

Disability and inclusive educationIMG_0707

Young people their families and disability

Universal Design for Learning

Removing barriers to the stigma of mental health and young people

Challenging mental health stigma in schools

Inclusive Education

Identifying institutional racism

Public Health

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queerslide_352423_3817402_free

Addressing homophobia and sex-based discrimination in schools

A future-orientated learning system

Matapaki (Ed Talks): A collection of Māori educationalists discussing educational issues (bilingual)

Keri Facer: Learning Futures (15 minute video)

Tikanga and Kaupapa Māori Research in the 21st Century: Kei Tua o Te Pae Hui Proceedings 2011 & 2012

Rachel Bolstad: The challenge of thinking differently (2 minute video)

Reo and mātauranga Māori revitalisation: Learning visions for the future

Staying optimistic about the future: An interview with Keri Facer

Sir Ken Robinson, Keri Facer and Mick Waters: Learning Without Frontiers Panel Discussion (60 minute video)1655943_10201451891718768_146719785_n


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