In Search of the Wise Ones: Ngā Toka Tūmoana

I’ve been ruminating about people I’ve encountered who inspire, support and impart their wisdom into the world. I call these people ‘mentors’; ‘leaders‘; Onties (*Aunties); Onkles (*Uncles); and radical disruptors. When I was 5 years old my mother died suddenly.  As a young guy I knew something big had happened. But I didn’t realise the impacts of this… Continue reading In Search of the Wise Ones: Ngā Toka Tūmoana

The impermanence of things

On Thursday 8 January, 2015, my beloved Uncle Warwick Stanley Broadhead passed away (1944-2015) on Waiheke Island. He was amazing. He was mother’s older brother, my Godfather, my teacher, my friend and fellow trouble-maker. For over 30 years he followed the Tibetan Buddhist teachings in some form, alongside my aunty and mother.  Tarchin Hearn and his partner… Continue reading The impermanence of things